Windows or Desktop Application Development

I Text Solution has an extensive experience in developing user-friendly desktop software solutions and client-server applications tailored to specific business needs. We recommend platform-specific or cross-platform desktop application development based on your business needs.

Our team of experts will help turn a software idea into a complete solution and create a market buzz, to help you improve customer loyalty and surpass your competitors. We will provide you with a well-documented source code, maintenance and support for 6 months, and full test documentation.

What Do We Offer?

I Text Solution develops robust cross-platform desktop applications for various platforms Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac, Android, etc. Our team of expert developers can develop standalone business software, Utilities, and Plug-ins, Client-Server applications as per your business requirements.

These applications can be easily adapted for a 64-bit platform with a rich user interface, superior performance, better level of security as there will be no need for internet, moreover, it will be a one-time investment. We also develop:

  • Graphics processing applications
  • Browsers and collaborative applications
  • Desktop games development

  • Additional Services

  • Re-engineering and migration of desktop to web applications
  • Redesign
  • Software testing
  • Maintenance and support

  • Platforms Used

  • Java development platform
  • C++ [WinAPI, MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library), WTL (Windows Template Library)]
  • NET Framework [WinForms, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)]
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    Why Choose I Text Solution?

    With I Text Solution, you get a desktop application that is highly flexible, totally responsive, with total control, streamlined and fully integrated to make your business thrive.

  • Flexibility
  • Fully integrated
  • Quality and assurance

  • Get in touch with us today for a custom quote with all your requirements and allow us to create a desktop application based on Java or PHP for a better business performance.

    Technogies & Plateforms

    There is a huge need and a huge opportunity to get everyone in the world connected, to give everyone a voice and to help transform society for the future. The scale of the technology and infrastructure that must be built is unprecedented, and we believe this is the most important problem we can focus on.